Don't worry, Superbarbie will come

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Look what I found! Haha I think this picture's just great :D All against Superman, vote for Superbarbie! :b

Yesterday evening I was supposed to go on a Spaghettisfriiess, a veery big 'dinner' where you eat Spaghettis and everyone's sitting together and talking and.. you know, what I mean ;) Well, I really didn't want to go to that 'dinner'. But I'm lucky, because my brother's ill so we decided that I could stay at home with him :D But because I got, ofc, hungry, I ate baby peas(?) and sweet corn(?) and rice with Ketchup :b haha, it's reeaally simple and stuff but soo good :D

Today I'm gonna finnish my english homework, study a little bit for spanish and.. maybe gonna see K & V ?

How was your Saturday?

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  1. Noraaa nicht immer so unsicher (?), es ist doch alles richtig :) My saturday was pretty boring, I did my homework and then I chilled xD


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