Changing plans is not what I like

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Picture in front of our biologyclass with Lisa <3
So, I just came back from an around an hour long walk. In the snow. It's cold. grrr. didn't see any of my friends today, which is kinda annoying, but oh well..
I'm gonna eat my other Eclaire now, watch TV and drink tea. Then I have to finish tidying my room and prepare my schoolstuff. Like I said; I hate Sundays.
How was your sunday? :)

Uh watcha saay

No Outfit-picture today, I don't look very special on weekends, especially when I stay at home all day long :b
Today I'm gonna make some Mango-Carott-Smoothies, study a little more for german and see K &V :) Have all a good Sundayafternoon!

PS: Oh like I hate Sundays..

If I could fall into the Sky.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

My new glassesss :D

Oh, I got that song stuck in my head, it's such a beautiful song ! Even though it's quite old, I think.. :) So I already did my maths & english homework, the rest's for tomorrow! Tonight's programme;
- Pizza
- Dr Pepper
- 'Eclaires'
& TV & movies with K. <3

New DIY's

I made this chainbracelet by myself + because I had quite a lot of chain left, I pimped an old white tanktop :)

Just some random pictures.
Yes, snow is beautiful.

Walking in a winterwonderlaaand

Hey there!
This weekend I'll be pretty busy, I have;
- Maths homework
- German homework + study for the next test
- Physics homework (erk.)
- English homework.

But first I'm gonna fiinally get my new glasses today! + Tonight K's coming to my house because we're gonna be alone for the whole evening :D

Now I'm gonna do some more english and then I have to catch my bus :b
Sure gonna take some snow-y pictures, haha, see you later, alligator.

Friday, 29 January 2010

awesome day. we maybe look a liittle bit retarted, but you have to understand, it was just so much fun! <3

I really have NO idea what to write about in this post. On the top you can see what I wore today, a new highwaisted skirt, which my mum bought for me from ZARA, but it's kinda long.. or I'm just not used to wear skirts which are a little bit longer :b

And this new jacket Mum brought me. I think it looks nice, have to try it on, though :)

I spent my whole afternoon with friends playing Singstar, dancing around and havin fun, maybe I'll post some pictures later.. :)
How was your friday?

Life's a game but it's not fair, I break the rules so I don't care.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Well, my outfits are getting even more boring from time to time :/ it's just soo cold heeere! Grr.
Anyway, what I totally forgot to tell you yesterday is, that I'm working on a skirt :D it's gonna be dark blue with some buttons, a little bit high-waisted :) can't wait to wear it when I finished it! Sure gonna take picturess :D
Usually I should sit in front of the TV right now, watching Desperate Housewives but I'm not because my dad and my brother are watching something -.- Well anyway, so I'll update my blog! Hah:)
Oh and, I have 9followers! Thanks to all who started following me those last days!

Today's Outfit.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I was first wondering about why the people I wrote on their blogs never answered me/my questions. but then an anonymous told me that when someone clicked on the link of my name 'Nora A.', you couldn't see my profile & bloglink. I changed that aand it worksss! :D Hope for more visits and readers and comments now! :D
For the moment I'm just really happy! I'm really close to some of my friends, I'm getting closer to others and meeting new people and.. just an amazing feeling :)!
+ I nearly finished that stupid book for french + got a 9in my German book presentation :D
But(oh, like I hate that word..) I'll have spanishtest and french minitest tomorrow, and math and germantest next week, ugh :( anyway, I'm not gonna let the tests make me mad or sad, I'm way too happy for that now!
AND: I'm gonna eat Lasagna tonight and drinking Dr Pepper, mummy's the best!
Have a goodgood evening, my lovesss :)

What my mondayafternoon looks like..

• First, my Outfit from yesterday. Very simple, mummy's jacket which I love + a reeally old ring i re-found, isn't it cute?!

• And that's what my Monday afternoon looks like. TV(no picture, though), Red Bull, Chocolate, drawing & Magaziness :) + my little brother, lying on the sofa, being lazy and staring at the TV screen :b

This is why I want summer backk.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

One summerevening, I think it was about 10 or 11 :b But it was still hot :D Omg, i miiiss summer :(

+ another picture I found. Sorry for my Barbiehype, but I love that picture :b

Don't worry, Superbarbie will come

Look what I found! Haha I think this picture's just great :D All against Superman, vote for Superbarbie! :b

Yesterday evening I was supposed to go on a Spaghettisfriiess, a veery big 'dinner' where you eat Spaghettis and everyone's sitting together and talking and.. you know, what I mean ;) Well, I really didn't want to go to that 'dinner'. But I'm lucky, because my brother's ill so we decided that I could stay at home with him :D But because I got, ofc, hungry, I ate baby peas(?) and sweet corn(?) and rice with Ketchup :b haha, it's reeaally simple and stuff but soo good :D

Today I'm gonna finnish my english homework, study a little bit for spanish and.. maybe gonna see K & V ?

How was your Saturday?

Oh, I forgot!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

As maybe some of you know, I wear contacts, but also have glasses. Ofc.
Because I can't find my original glasses anymore and my sportglasses are broken, I went to the optician (?) and I tried a couple of different glasses on. Finally I choose veery dark red (nearly black) Ray Bans :D They're not like the typical Ray Bans, I'd look way to nerd-y with those, but you can still see, that they're from Ray Ban. Found a picture of the glasses, or veery similars. Just in another colour ;) (I didn't take the black ones, because they made me look like a ghost :b)

What I wore today (Ohh such a bad picture, I'm moving waay too much.)
- Black Jacket - ZARA, White top, black top(underneath), leggings & studded belt - H&M, scarf - present.

Got a new nailpolish which is quite good :)

Nothing special today.. Just a random saturday, gotta learn for spanish and write my essay for english..
Eating Candyyyy .

Friday, 22 January 2010

I checked my follower's blogs and I know now, why I never get any comments from them. From 5followers, 3 don't post anymore or posted like months ago. No wonder that I think they're all dead?

Oh, this top's lovely.

Didn't take any picture of me today.

I was supposed to go to Cologne tomorrow, with V, but my parents think that it's gonna snow a lot tomorrow and the weather will be not very good. So they didn't allow me to go with V. Thank you very much! I was so looking forward for tomorrow since Tuesday, and now? No Starbucks :( I was also thinking of going shopping a little bit there, but now. Hmpf.

+ Today I planned to spend most of my free time with V, at home, just relaxing. But then she left school earlier because she's sick. So I wanted to go to cinema with my Best Friend, but mum wanted me to come home, erggh. So annoying, like it's the only day I have free for the whole afternoon and my other friends also, and mum wants me to sit at home for the whole afternoon and evening? Oh, come on !

& Everybody says that Breakfast at Tiffany's is such an amazing movie. Is it? Didn't see it yet, but I'm a big fan of Audrey (:

I try to do handstands for you, but everytime I fell for you

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Soo, that's what I wore today. Yeah, well it's nothing really special, but in fact, in winter I'm too lazy to wear supernice combinations, especially because I'm sick at the moment and just don't wanna get cold, see? So my winter outfits are mostly boring.. :/
For those who didn't know it yet; got the little key on a flewmarket :D cute, isn't it?

I'm in Miami, Bitch.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Do you know those really cool and stylish polaroid cameras? I bet you do, and I absolutely love them :D But these last years, they stopped producting that kind of cameras because everybody's using digital cameras now. Buut, yesterday I watched some reportage about those cameras and they said, that they're going to start to do those cameras and stuff again :D Woohoo. I'd love to have one like this, even though I heard that they're quite expensive.. Hmm well let's see :) Oh and; Bday in 1month and 1day! ha :D
have a lovely evening, xx, Nora.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Today no picture, sorry.
This morning I started sneezing and my head started hurting and after our little break I was definitly dead, because my stomach began to go crazy. I went home at 14h00, and not at 16h25 as I was supposed to be. Usually I never miss any schooldays, because I'm not sick very often, and if I'm, then I just stay at home/go home when I really feel like dying. Like today.
So nothing special for today, no pictures or other updates. Sorry :(
Anyway, goodi night!

Escargots today. mmh.

Sunday, 17 January 2010


I think I'm definitly gonna make me a dress like you can see in the middle on myself. Maybe a different colour and another Text or stuff. But the basic idea's great, no?

I love the teenvogue - website.


Destroyed Denim
Antonella wears a ChloƩ shirt and jeans. Stylist's own belt. In God We Trust bracelet, $55. Cacharel shoes, $356.

Like always, I'm quite bored, so I went to the teenvogue website and took a look. I found some great pictures & styling ideas, but then i saw, for example here, the prices! It's a Teenvogue, but the prices are crazy! The show us stuff from Chloƫ and other expensive labels. Shouldn't it be just the contrary? I mean, who, apart from the superrichs, can buy this?

Germany's Next Topmodel.

I'm sure that everybody knows America's Next Topmodel. Well there's also the german version :) And the girl you can see on this picture is the first winner of the german version!
The 20.january the 5.season's gonna start, can't waiit :)
(H&M, the dress' pretty:))

Oh, wondering why on my 'Dashboard' I have 6followers, but in real I have 5? Hmm.

Ohh, aren't they cute?

I saw those shoes in town fridaynight, in brown, in H&M, but there wasn't a price. Then I decided to look around on H&M's website and found them, also in turquoise, so pretty! They're about 30€. I think, I just fell in love :)

Simon's Cat

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Watch this ! and the other videos from Simon's Cat. I always laugh my ass off ! haha :D

As you can see; I changed my Layout completly :) I choose navy blue as background colour because it's simple and calm, but not boring :)
For the moment I don't really know, what to write, I'd like to have some ideas or suggestions, about what I should post, etc :) Maybe that way I'll also have more readers?
Anyway, have a nice Saturdayafternoon/night.


Soo yesterday i went out with a couple of friends, finally we were 12people! :)
At the beginning we went to some bar, but after a time we decided to walk through town, and to go somewhere else. Finally we ended up in McDonald's, haha !
But anyway i had a good night with all the girls :)
When S and i took the bus to come home, our feet were like dead :b but anyway, i'm still in love with my shoesss ;)

What i wore yesterday, see above.