Today's Outfit.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Shirt; ZARA
Jeans; Cheap Monday
Jacket; ZARA
Ring; Flewmarket - Paris (You can't see it..?)
Bracelet; Present

These last days i went to many blogs, commented and asked questions, found so many amazing blogs! But i'm kinda disappointed, because i never got answers on my questions or even other comments.. still just have 7followers. well, thank you for following me, but i never get any comments or signs that you're still alive? :(
Hoping for a lot of comments/answers & maybe some more followers?

ps. actually i don't know how i can put a "counter" on my blog, can somebody help me?
+ wondering if many people read my blog (but they're not followers) ? hmm.

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  1. pour les 'counters', tape le sur google, t'en trouveras. C'est comme ça que j'en avais trouvé perso' :b


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