Thursday, 24 December 2009

Yeah, i only read this magazine once, but i fell in love with it immediatly!
i'd love to sunscrive it, but i'm living in Lux, so i think it would get kinda expensive.. but maybe a friend and i are gonna share the prize & subscrive it :)

+ i bought the french Glamour because i already have the german one and i couldn't find the english one :b & my mum bought the belgium Elle, gotta say; Elle isn't that bad as i thought! just think kind of expensive.. ? so i don't buy it, my mum sometimes does :))
ah, and i'm disappointed of Jolie. It's getting thinner and thinner.. ;( and neither reading InStyle anymore, always the same..
And finally didn't buy a VOGUE, i think it's way too expensive for what it is.. well, for the moment i don't see why i should buy it, so.

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