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Sunday, 6 December 2009

'going to be alone with my parents from next wednesday to the thursday after :) haha, will be quite relax, i guess. but after next week's the compoweek, so not happy about that, believe me. gotta still study quite a lot + this week i'll have history + geotest. history isn't a problem for me, i love my teacher and it's interesting what happend so long ago, so i never have to study a lot at home, but geography? no way. i mean, our teacher talks and talks and talks and then after 15minutes we see, that she's waiting for us to shut up, then she explains something and 5minutes after, everyone's talking again. so, no concentration, no idea how and what do study + we have like half of our stuff not done, so..
oh and so looking forward for christmasholidays, really need them ! but there's one thing i'm really not happy about for the holidays; in german we have to read a book & then make bookpresentation of it. doesn't sound horrible, right? but she doesn't just want a normal bookpresentation, like two pages, she wants a whole presentation, like in front of the class, with all those stupid details. seriously, we all hate that teacher, grr.
oh, long post, isn't it?

+ can you tell me some good songs? since my brother broke our laptop & i'm using my dad's, i can't download any new music, so i'm like freaking out & always listening to the same stuff.


  1. shut up :P->
    we have to make a book presentation in FRENCH!
    thats much much worse...;D


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