Merry Christmas, everybody!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Outfit i'll wear tomorrow.
Althought i took pictures yesterday, i forgot to upload them, so here they are:)

yes, today's the 24.december, christmas eve. are you getting your presents tonight? because i won't, we celebrate the 25., with family and big dinner and lots of presents :) i'm so looking forward to tomorrow, because we'll have a turkey ! mmh :))

today i baked 4hours with my little brother, 3 different kinds of cookies + brownies! and after that, the whole house smelled like cookies :D
so this evening i finished packing some little presents, helped my mum to decorate everything for tomorrow, had a nice dinner with my family and now i'm sitting here, writing this (:

hope you'll all enjoy your christmas eve & tomorrow too,

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