Holidays, quite late, i know.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

So here i am again, i know, i didn't post for so long, but i didn't have any inspiration or ideas what to write,etc. and there won't be a picture on this post, sorry, i was way too lazy to take photos..
but soon our laptop will get fixed, so i can finally post more stuff, because it's easier on my own laptop then on this one + i really hope, that our cam works again too, that would be amazing, so i could take pictures and won't have to load them on the laptop, etc.
oh, plus; i can (finally!) again download new music. i'm like freaking out, listening all the time to the same stuff, grr.

yesterday i went to town with a friend & a friend of my friend's friend, hah, go it? in other words; she didn't really know her, me neither. but it was really fun ;) although i didn't buy any clothes, i had a good time with the girls. <3
but, ohoho ;D the 2. january sale will start & the 3. i'm going to have a big shoppingtour with some friends, awesome :))

i feel kinda lost, because i still don't have anything for my little brother and tomorrow's christmas! ahhh. but i'm gonna buy bake-stuff with dad today, so maybe i can find something..? hope so.


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