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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Helloo theree :D here i am again :) ! well our laptop didn't get fixed, but actually i'm using my father's work-laptop, so i can post agaain :D so so happy.
so much happened the last weeks!
first; here are three pictures of some random outfits i wore. i took the picture a long long time ago, but i didn't want to delete them :) i'm absolutely in love with this old jeansjacket ! i found it in my wardrobe, it's quite old, i wore it yeaars ago, when it was IN to wear that :b and now i can't just get over it, i wear it with everything :))

haha, my brother in front of the picture ;) wearing his shirt there :b it was some days before halloween, that explains the squash (?) :)

and there i wear my brother's shirt (well, i love to wear his clothes, he :b)

- and i went to tunisia last holidays. it was kinda good weather but it was reallyreally boring, and i didn't have anything to do ;O

- i also had quite much to study the last weeks, and in about 2weeks compos gonna start, so i think i'll start studying this weekend, ouh ;s

nothing more for the moment :)

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  1. nice jacket. denim IS in, just probably not in winter for obvious reasons;)
    the nails fell of after like 4 days.


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