Sunday, 29 November 2009

I don't know why, but i can't make the pictures bigger, so annoying :(

got that song stucked in my headdd.

don't know what to write, i only know that i need money . haha, that's not really new, but it seems like so long ago i shopped a little bit.. but i'm getting money for christmas, so ;)

i really love checking out blogs from other people, just don't know where to find nice ones.. can you tell me some good blogs? or maybe your blog? i'd love to check it out :))


He left me for another lady.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Helloo theree :D here i am again :) ! well our laptop didn't get fixed, but actually i'm using my father's work-laptop, so i can post agaain :D so so happy.
so much happened the last weeks!
first; here are three pictures of some random outfits i wore. i took the picture a long long time ago, but i didn't want to delete them :) i'm absolutely in love with this old jeansjacket ! i found it in my wardrobe, it's quite old, i wore it yeaars ago, when it was IN to wear that :b and now i can't just get over it, i wear it with everything :))

haha, my brother in front of the picture ;) wearing his shirt there :b it was some days before halloween, that explains the squash (?) :)

and there i wear my brother's shirt (well, i love to wear his clothes, he :b)

- and i went to tunisia last holidays. it was kinda good weather but it was reallyreally boring, and i didn't have anything to do ;O

- i also had quite much to study the last weeks, and in about 2weeks compos gonna start, so i think i'll start studying this weekend, ouh ;s

nothing more for the moment :)