don't trust the hoe, never trust the hoe.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

ahh that hairspray smells sooo good :DD
i like this one above because of my eyes :D

so so long ago i've posted :)
yesterday i took some pictures, nothing special, but some of them look kinda nice, i think.

Last friday i went to the Coyote Café with Laura and Anna, for Anna's Birthday & it was so much fun:D and so funny too; it's Auchan's birthday & so we took a picture with anna in front of the "happy birthday", haha :b
then we went to h&m and zara and tried many nice clothes on, he :b and then i saw this shoes in zara... whaaa, so nice ! although i wouldn't wear them, so..
and, i finally bought this tights i WANTED! :D but not everyone likes them, hehe.

xx, nora.


  1. jaa ich hab das haarspray schon seit einem jahr und ich liebe es <3
    die schuhe sind voll geil, kauf sie dir doch!

  2. i like the tights:P
    well no i'm not on that blog cause the girls are all 13-15 year olds so it's kinda boring xD


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