Monday, 19 October 2009

hey there :)
i have bad news; my little brother broke our laptop.. again :O but kathlyn borrows me her minilaptop and i'm really happy with that ! but it's really really small and actually i'm on victoria's laptop, so i won't put any pictures here, because it's too difficult to load them on the computer, etc. actually i took some nice pictures of my last outfits but.. i won't show them :( i also don't think that i'll post a lot next time, because the minilaptop is kinda low and the screen is miniscul or however you say it..

if i had a little moneey.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

oh dear, i need money so so baad ;O
especially for internetshopping ! i saw soo many nice things and i can't buy them, uuuh :(
i asked grandma and uncle and i'll ask my parents too for moneey ;D but for christmas, haha.
then i'll buy my own laptop, woohoo :)) and i hope i'll still have enough money for clothes (a)
and i'm so for working next summer ! ohh can't wait :)
actually, in 3weeks i'll be in tunisia, hot hot :D and it's gettig colder and colder in lux, :(
i don't have any pictures yet.. didn't take some today ;/ sorrysorry.

don't trust the hoe, never trust the hoe.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

ahh that hairspray smells sooo good :DD
i like this one above because of my eyes :D

so so long ago i've posted :)
yesterday i took some pictures, nothing special, but some of them look kinda nice, i think.

Last friday i went to the Coyote Café with Laura and Anna, for Anna's Birthday & it was so much fun:D and so funny too; it's Auchan's birthday & so we took a picture with anna in front of the "happy birthday", haha :b
then we went to h&m and zara and tried many nice clothes on, he :b and then i saw this shoes in zara... whaaa, so nice ! although i wouldn't wear them, so..
and, i finally bought this tights i WANTED! :D but not everyone likes them, hehe.

xx, nora.

I'm so sorry

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

..for not posting so long! i just had so much to do and didn't have the time to post anything. and i was way too lazy to take pictures (oh, what a surprise!) :b
some days ago i was at victoria's with kathlyn & we dressed like extremly funky and pink! and we had some pinkhairspray too, ha :D we took looots of pictures ! here are some, you can see more on facebook :)
ah i'm getting so much better in this days :D! i don't feel sick anymore, so good :)
& thank you to all people who buy our magazine!! we have about 30people buying it, whao :D