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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

okay, i think i've got too many pictures to show but i would love to show you some pictures :) so i'll do this "bigger" post with more pictures :))
pictures of things i've shopped during holidays & now :)
in paris we went on a veery big and veery nice flwemarket and i bought this kind of old-looking sunglasses for 5€ & the little cute ring for 10€ :)
finally i think, english and french cosmopolitan is so much better than the german one! and elle ofc rocks too :) just instyle is getting worse(?) :/
and finally in normandie i was on a kind of market too & i bought 5nailpolishes(?) in different colours & every nailpolishthingie was just 1,50€! so at the beginning in thought, they're not reaally good, but finally they are! :))
some days ago i got this booties from h&m, loove them :)) i got some other booties too, but didn't take a picture of them :$
and today i had the last 3hours free! hahaa :D so i went to auchan, h&m, and when i tried this dress, i just fell in love with it(?) , got iit, yeeh :D <3
ahh, and one more picture of my shoess :)) <3

- this is my 100th post! ha :D
- it's weird, because i'm with some 17year old girls in gym O: they failed like 2or3times! gosh, that's weeir ;O



  1. man kann nur 2 mal sitzen bleiben, sonst fliegt man von der schule x)

  2. nice boots,


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