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Thursday, 17 September 2009

ahh, so much new ! :) first, i took a picture, oh yes it's so long ago when i took pictures :b last time i was waay to lazy :$
some days ago i went to extrabold with my mum, looking for dr denim jeans (the only jeans which fit me (a) ). i tried the smallest size, usually they fit me, but i was shocked, because they were too large ! O: so i tried the smallest size from some new cheap money jeans and they were perfect ! so i got 2pairs of cheap monday, a blue on >picture. and another balck one :))
like i already told you, i had a little photoshoot with sarah, at lena's , but i still don't have the pictures, sorry :/ but as soon as i have them , i'll put some here! :D

also something new; i told you about the little mgazine i make, just for fun, called amélie's. soon i'll make one again, but with lena together! we'll also make a website on blogspot :) there you will find news about the next magazine, questions, suggestions for some articles & you can comment as much as you want ! but everything's in german.
and the last thing is; i saw this cute west (right mannequin) in h&m, and i tried it, but the smallest size they had was 38 :( hope they'll get it smaller, or maybe they have it in town? i think it's really cute and not to expensive :) so what do you think ?

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