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Friday, 25 September 2009

heyhey :))
i don't have pictures to put here now, sorry.
what i wanted to say, is that we want so much more followers and comments on lena's & my blog !
you don't speak german? we'd love to have more people who come voting. so the votings are;

-what do you think is the ugliest on you?
~your feet, your body, your nose or your hair?

-how many hours do you watch TV during a week?
~3h, 5h, 7h, more than 7h.

-how many pocketmoney do you get every month?
~10€, 20€, 30€, more than 30€.

-what do you prefer;
~winter, spring, summer or autumn?

the second voting;
who do you prefer; Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox?
please also write why. :)

and then the diskussionsrunde;
what do you think about Lady GaGa?

thank youu :) <3

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