Friday, 4 September 2009

Maybe you know it, but for the ones who don't know where i have been during my holidays; i was in Disneyland for 2days, yesyes, that's childish, but i've never been to before! after i was in paris for 4days, that was soo good ! and then i went to the normandie for 7days :) i had a reallyreally good time <3
waiting for entering in teh 3D cinema :) i love the "glasses" xd
Pluto danced so well ! haha
Disneyland :D
my first looping rrollercoaster i've been. with dad :D

DONAAALD :D i've another picture with him, fcbkkk :))

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  1. I wear a body as a top with skirt over it, or under a dress which shows my bra because it's so low, or with jeans or shorts:P


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