Friday, 4 September 2009

I'm sorry for not posting soo long! It was just, that when i came back from holz, i had just a few days until school started again, and i had soo much to do! :) so i didn't have the time. and when school started, i didn't have the time again to write posts, because i have a very full timetable ;O i guess that's like welcome in 4th secondary, haha. so i decided to write posts on weekends, because during the week i won't me much on the computer. ofc i have maany nice pictures from my holidays, but i won't put them all here ;) if you want to see the rest of the pictures too, you just have to go on facebook. and one other really good thing is, when i only post on weekends; i can take more pictures & my posts will be longer, because after a schoolweek i have more to tell you than after one day ! :) so i'll post more than one post during the weekend, especially this weekend, because i have lots of things to show & write :D
during the holidays, when i stayed in lux, i went to trier with anne, and slept at her home :) so much fun <3> see on fcbk.

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