Hey people

Friday, 25 September 2009

heyhey :))
i don't have pictures to put here now, sorry.
what i wanted to say, is that we want so much more followers and comments on lena's & my blog !
you don't speak german? we'd love to have more people who come voting. so the votings are;

-what do you think is the ugliest on you?
~your feet, your body, your nose or your hair?

-how many hours do you watch TV during a week?
~3h, 5h, 7h, more than 7h.

-how many pocketmoney do you get every month?
~10€, 20€, 30€, more than 30€.

-what do you prefer;
~winter, spring, summer or autumn?

the second voting;
who do you prefer; Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox?
please also write why. :)

and then the diskussionsrunde;
what do you think about Lady GaGa?

thank youu :) <3


Sunday, 20 September 2009

we've post some stuff on the blog www.aboutand.blogspot.com ! please go and comment :D but it's everything in german :s hope there are some people who understand ;O
xx have a nice sunday.


Friday, 18 September 2009


> so finally lena and i created (?) our blog on blogspot :)) it's www.aboutand.blogspot.com usually we wanted to call it and (amélie's nenni dessin), but it wasn't free, so.. :) there are no posts for the moment, the first posts will come on thursday ;)

The number 102.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

ahh, so much new ! :) first, i took a picture, oh yes it's so long ago when i took pictures :b last time i was waay to lazy :$
some days ago i went to extrabold with my mum, looking for dr denim jeans (the only jeans which fit me (a) ). i tried the smallest size, usually they fit me, but i was shocked, because they were too large ! O: so i tried the smallest size from some new cheap money jeans and they were perfect ! so i got 2pairs of cheap monday, a blue on >picture. and another balck one :))
like i already told you, i had a little photoshoot with sarah, at lena's , but i still don't have the pictures, sorry :/ but as soon as i have them , i'll put some here! :D

also something new; i told you about the little mgazine i make, just for fun, called amélie's. soon i'll make one again, but with lena together! we'll also make a website on blogspot :) there you will find news about the next magazine, questions, suggestions for some articles & you can comment as much as you want ! but everything's in german.
and the last thing is; i saw this cute west (right mannequin) in h&m, and i tried it, but the smallest size they had was 38 :( hope they'll get it smaller, or maybe they have it in town? i think it's really cute and not to expensive :) so what do you think ?

sweet dreams

Friday, 11 September 2009

that's the song i loove :)
yesterday we had swimming, haha -____- i haate it! and the hats make me feel uugly ! :b
but after school i went to lena's house with saraah :)) we had a photoshoot , lena's really good in styling & taking pictures! i wore my new black dress and some other clothes too, and i really love the pictures ! i don't have them yet, so i can't put them here. but as soon as i'll have them, i'll show you somee! :))
ah, and i feel kinda sick too O: i guess it's because my hair was still a little bit wet when we came from swimming, bouah --'
whatever, so pictures later & more tomorrow? :)

that's the way, aha-aha, i like it..

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

okay, i think i've got too many pictures to show but i would love to show you some pictures :) so i'll do this "bigger" post with more pictures :))
pictures of things i've shopped during holidays & now :)
in paris we went on a veery big and veery nice flwemarket and i bought this kind of old-looking sunglasses for 5€ & the little cute ring for 10€ :)
finally i think, english and french cosmopolitan is so much better than the german one! and elle ofc rocks too :) just instyle is getting worse(?) :/
and finally in normandie i was on a kind of market too & i bought 5nailpolishes(?) in different colours & every nailpolishthingie was just 1,50€! so at the beginning in thought, they're not reaally good, but finally they are! :))
some days ago i got this booties from h&m, loove them :)) i got some other booties too, but didn't take a picture of them :$
and today i had the last 3hours free! hahaa :D so i went to auchan, h&m, and when i tried this dress, i just fell in love with it(?) , got iit, yeeh :D <3
ahh, and one more picture of my shoess :)) <3

- this is my 100th post! ha :D
- it's weird, because i'm with some 17year old girls in gym O: they failed like 2or3times! gosh, that's weeir ;O


Some pictures of Pariss

Friday, 4 September 2009

the eiffeltower in the evening <3
on a ZEBRASTREIFEN xD there was that graffiti? with marylin monroe , so cool :D
i wore my small shirt with shorts :)

La charette créole, my new favourite restaurant, you can eat lot of tasty madagascar things, mmmh :D b:


Maybe you know it, but for the ones who don't know where i have been during my holidays; i was in Disneyland for 2days, yesyes, that's childish, but i've never been to before! after i was in paris for 4days, that was soo good ! and then i went to the normandie for 7days :) i had a reallyreally good time <3
waiting for entering in teh 3D cinema :) i love the "glasses" xd
Pluto danced so well ! haha
Disneyland :D
my first looping rrollercoaster i've been. with dad :D

DONAAALD :D i've another picture with him, fcbkkk :))


I'm sorry for not posting soo long! It was just, that when i came back from holz, i had just a few days until school started again, and i had soo much to do! :) so i didn't have the time. and when school started, i didn't have the time again to write posts, because i have a very full timetable ;O i guess that's like welcome in 4th secondary, haha. so i decided to write posts on weekends, because during the week i won't me much on the computer. ofc i have maany nice pictures from my holidays, but i won't put them all here ;) if you want to see the rest of the pictures too, you just have to go on facebook. and one other really good thing is, when i only post on weekends; i can take more pictures & my posts will be longer, because after a schoolweek i have more to tell you than after one day ! :) so i'll post more than one post during the weekend, especially this weekend, because i have lots of things to show & write :D
during the holidays, when i stayed in lux, i went to trier with anne, and slept at her home :) so much fun <3> see on fcbk.