Untouched. And I need you so much

Sunday, 2 August 2009

So, i think i didn't post for some days, did i? don't know.
but i'll post now.
i didn't take the pictures you can see above because i like that outfit, but because of the Mini Mouse Socks :b haha, i think they're really cute, but don't worry; i'm not going to wear them when i go out, haha. i wear them just at home me when i get cold feet.

So tomorrow i'll be at my grandma's place for the whole day. so no posts tomorrow. i'll buy a magazine and drink red bull and maybe take some pictures :) oh, but maybe tomorrow evening, when i have the time and if i want to, i'll post something, not sure yet.

Yesterday i called Anne-Sophie, and i'll go to her from thursday to friday, so nice :D i didn't see her for a while and it's so long ago (?) when i was the last time at her house ;( so i don't think there'll be posts thursday and friday neither.

And, it's already august! woah :)) i can't wait 'til school starts ! i know, i'm weird :b
But before that, i'm really exited for going to Paris!


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