Monday, 27 July 2009

aah and the leggings i bought too is wonderful, you can't see trough (?) it anywheree :D
today i went to my grandma's place again, alone, because my brother was in some activities :) so i bought the new cosmopolitan (the german one, the english one's too difficult for me for the moment) and a red bull :) . in the afternoon i went to town and i went looking in zara and h&m, and finally i found a long grey top, a little bit babydoll-like, but skinnier (?). and i bought some new black leggings :) then i had a milkshake and i waited for my mother.
i'll put the foto of the top i bought today tomorrow here, because i don't have it yet on the computer ;)

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  1. which leggings? :b
    where did u buy them? haha


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