Sunday, 26 July 2009

Okay, i think that will be my last post for today, because i don't feel very well, i think i'm kind of sick :( so i'll take some medicaments now and maybe make me a smoothie :D then i'll watch TV, draw, read a book or sleep a little bit and hope getting better :)
tomorrow i'll be at my grandma's house for nearly the whole day, so no computer, no posts tomorrow ;)
oh and, i found out that you can also order things on topshop to luxembourg, i just don't know how? can anybody help me?
and the cute jacket i'm wearing on the two pictures in front of my blue wall is new :) my mum got it in H&M for 5€, before it was 25€! hehe, i love sale, i think i already said that, did i? :b
Tomorrow maybe i'll go in town too, so when i have the time i'll go in some shops, but i'm not sure if i'll buy something.. let's see.
I forgot to take a picture from my whole room, now that i changed it, but i'll do that some other day!
ah and for the ones who don't know why there's posted by nora.a, the a's for Amélie, my second name :) i prefer to put the a as the l ;)
xx, nora.


  1. thanks :)
    answer - because i want and the photographer messaged me asking to do it.


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