Tuesday, 28 July 2009

i found this prretty bag on topshop :O it's a cross body bag and it's biig :O i want it :( <3 i don't know, maybe mum will pay it, but it's £55 ;/ but maybe if i wanna have this and will not have a new longchampbag, she will buy it for me..? hum, have to ask, hope it works :s <3 what do you think about that bag? should i buy it or not? (say yes, say yes :b)


  1. man kann ja nie genug taschen haben x) hab heute eine neue tasche gekauft ^^

  2. ja ich würde auch gerne high heels tragen aber ich wär dann zu groß xD ja mach ich morgen, hab jetzt keine lust ^^

  3. Haha, BUY IT. It is awesome! And thanks for stopping by!

    I'm actually going to be having a giveaway tomorrow so be sure and come again!!


  4. jaa ich hab mir in italien absatz schuhe gekauft, die haben einen 6cm absatz ^^also bin ich mit schuhen 1m78.. xD

  5. Thanks for commenting! ANd be sure to follow so your comment counts as an entry to the giveaway. :)


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