Friday, 3 July 2009

I always said, that i love hot weather. and i won't say, that i changed my mind, but it's not hot outside, it's.. HOT outside, too hot :( during the day it's okay, i just really have to go swimming ! but the evening it's horrible! it's so hot, you can't even sleep! hell, this night my little brother came to sleep in my bed because he had nightmares, and so it was hotter and hotter and.. ouuuf. even when the window was open the whole night! hmpf. complicated..

ps; i found about 30pictures from cory kennedy! saved them all.. going to put them from time to time here :b


  1. Naja neutral ist etwas zwischen Liebe und Hass, oder? ^^'

  2. Tu fais une "collection" des photos de Cory Kennedy? ;) Si oui, eh baah bonne chance, je faisais ça aussi avant, et je suis arrivée à 2000 je crois :D x

  3. Ah ok, désolée, je pensais x) Oui, ça m'a pris pas mal de temps; Le pire, c'est que j'ai fini par les supprimer un jour par erreur ;O!C'est horrible xd

    Ceux-là? Il t'ira surement bien ;) Et ouai, c'était ceux-là. j'en ai profité, c'est vrmt cheap :DD

  4. das ist die kleine schwester von der blonden ^^

  5. haha, thanks. no my little brother did not take those pics, even though he could if I ask :P! and he's 4 :) you asked.
    i totally agree with the weather thing. i don't even know what to wear tonight cause i'm not sure if it's gonna be hot or rain as the weather forecast says?
    i don't understand why everyone likes Cory :O i really don't like her xD she looks like a dog in my opinion and just wastes her life partying, and her modelling pictures aren't that good either :( all my opinion haha.


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