Sunday, 5 July 2009

haha, i got some good news ! :)
actually i'm in shoppingfever and i would prefer to buy everything i want, but i don't have the money, he. and because i always ask my mum to give me just some money, and she says she "doesn't have money" , humpf, she decided to give me more money for pocketmoney. actually during schooltime i get 25€ for eating & pocketmoney. usually i spend 15€ for eating & the rest is my own money :b i asked her to give me 30€ when the school beginns in september, because i want to go to the cantine sometimes, maybe.. and then she said that she'll give me more money, so i don't have to ask her everytime :b so i think i'll get 40or50€ per week (H). hehe.
and maybe i'll have to ask her if i can have some more money during the holidays too..

how you should know, we're getting a new kitchen ;) i took some pictures when i was in the kitchen, but i didn't upload them on the computer, maybe later :)

i painted my nails some days ago in black, i never did that before, because i thought that i'll maybe look kinda gothic with my white skin & black nails :b but then i was surprised, because it looked quite nice! now i removed the nailpolish, because i had the color for a few days & i'll think i'll paint them now in dark orange, i'm not sure about how it's going to look, but let's see ;)

tomorrow i'll go to homburg with my mum & brother, a place somewhere in germany, because my brother has to do some medical tests & we're going to leave at 7 tomorrow morning, i think :/ after my brother did this tests, we'll go to Saarlouis (it's near homburg), in the IKEA and look for some curtains, because i want to paint one of my walls in my room, in gold, but i'm not sure if it's possible, and even when i found very nice dark brown curtains, we'll look what we'll find others, so..

okay, nothing more for the moment, maybe more later,
xx, nora.


  1. omg nora 40 euros for a week its too much! i mean its soo enough! i get like 15 euros per week and i am okay!anyways hv fun in germany :D

  2. noo, i need that ! :b i mean, when i get 15€, it's just enough for eating, etc ! <3

  3. good for you

  4. NORA, i get 100 every month ):

  5. i get.. hmmm soen da um msn :b


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