Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Victoria's dad just called me, my bag which i ordered nearly 2weeks ago came yesterdaaay! :D and now he's bringing it me , hehee :D oh, and i gave his address, because i don't know, but on topshop i couldn't give a luxemburgish adress O: and he lives in germany, soo :))
oh i'm so happyhappyhappy.
and the other bag you see on the last post.. my mum's thinking about it, but i think i'll get it ;) :b
oki, i'll take pictures now & put them in my next postsss :)

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  1. ich finde das kabel für den fotoapparat nicht mehr .. also kann ich keine fotos auf dem pc laden :S mach ein foto von deiner neuen tasche wenn sie da ist :D


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