Wednesday, 29 July 2009

today i bought this blue leggings with a zip and the printshirt you can see on the picture :)
i changed the buttons and added some other transparent (cristal?)buttons :) but it's not finish yet, i'll add some more of the transparent ones. how i came to this idea? i was at my grandma's & she showed me LOTS of old buttons , and they were soo nice :D so i decided to stich some of them on a shirt :)) i think it's pretty nice now (:


  1. ich mag das shirt, wo hast du's gekauft? (:

  2. The 2nd picture - is that one of the buttons you did? if so, good idea, looks good!

  3. oh, i love 'tuning','transforming' ?, my shirts and trousers (:
    but its a long time since i made it last hehe.
    have to do it one of these days ;D


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