Brownies and Smoothies.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Hehe, like i said i made smoothies with strawberries and banana, and they were amazing! b:
and in the evening i made brownies too, he i really like to cook x) i think i should do that ofter during holidays ;D victoria and i wanted to try to make one of those big cakes with cream and butterstuff on it, omg :DD we'll see when she's back ;)
good night, have very nice dreams, xx, nora.

mmh, had to put a picture of a smoothie here b:


  1. Teehee sorry i just noticed the other comment you left my namess Helen :)
    And thanks for becoming a follower :D

  2. you can just click on the 'twitter' :D but my name is misskristy24 :)

  3. miss kristy was taken, so i added 24 cause its the date i get presents! 24 july - name day, 24 september - birthday, 24 december - xmas ;)
    my lucky number:D


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