Saturday, 18 July 2009

At the moment i'm really addicted of the music from the veronicas! i don't know why, but i'm really loving their music :) specially in another life is the song i'm listening all day loong ! and they're soo pretty and i love their style too :D sorry lisa, if i say the same as you, but i just think the same about them as youu :)
i think i'll change my layout again, because i've got kinda tired of this daark grey.. don't know.. :)
how i already said, i have one wall painted in blue and the others in light grey & i moved my wardrobe, so my bed is in a corner now, and i think i'll have a little bit more space now, but i can't tell you more about that yet, because i don't have my desk and other stuff in my room, so.. :)
and i really really want to try to get my room not so chaotic as before. i think i'll make a collage with publicity & stuff from magazines & put that on a wall.. but not the whole wall, like i did before..let's see ;)
when i put some music on the new phone, i discovered, that there's no memorycard in the phone, but i can't find a place where i could put a memoryscard in, so.. ? whatever, i have an ipod and a camera, so i think i won't need much space for music and photos on my phone :)
finally i think, i'll go to bed in a few minutes. i'm alone at home but my parents will be back in a few minutes, i think and tomorrow i have to get up at 8, so.. :)
xx, nora

the veronicas <3


  1. Du kannst eine Memorykarte im Auchan kaufen, am besten fragst du nach, kostet so 5euro (; Toller blog!

  2. Oh, und ich habe auch ein Samsung (du hast doch ein samsung, oder?) Und da ist auf der seite so eine kleine klappe wo du die reintuhen kannst :P hatte mich vorher verlesen, sorryy ;D

  3. Quelle marque ton téléphone? ;)

  4. @anonym; dankee :) du wer bist du? :b ich würd dich gerne mit namen ansprechen :b x

  5. thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving a comment!! i'm really glad u liked it!! urs is awesome too!! both of these girls are gorgeous!!!


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