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Monday, 27 July 2009

i'm listening to this wonderful song falling down from atreyu. heh, memories x) when i was at victoria's, we two were jumping around and stuff, soo funny :D :b but my whole family's sleeping, so i turned the volume down (?).
oh and, i loove to write posts and articles, etc. so i do like every month a little magazine, just for fun. and yeah, there you can call me a wannabe ;b but i think they're kinda okay :) when i printed them before, my back began to hurt :s because i have a special technic to print the magazine, because it's in dina-5 :) and sometimes i get about 2€ for my magazine, haha. ofc i just want my family to buy it x) oh and, the name of the magazine's amélie's. it's my second name, but i love it :) i also design clothes, and i called my "label" amélie's too :b i think it's a really nice name for a label x)
okay, think i'll go to bed now, because it's really late, good night everyone.
xx noraa.


  1. Aww that is a really nice name :)

  2. Oh! I really love this post. :) And it's such an adorable blog! Please be sure and stop by and follow me! I'm going to have a giveaway tomorrow-- so stop on by!



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