New shoes

Friday, 31 July 2009

ahh. so today i got some new black ballerinas, because my "old" one, i had them for two or three mounths ;b, are absolutely broken xd i walked in water and stuff & they had big holes in them, haha. didn't take a picture.. too lazy O:

and the big news are, that mum told me, that when we'll go to paris, we'll go shopping in the biggest shoeshop of the world. omg, unbelievable :D and i think i'll get boots and maybe other shoes there, harharr.

and ; the bag i showed you some days ago.. i think i'll wait until paris, because i think there will be even prettier bags :)

you lose, take off your shirt b:

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

i love that picture :D sorry,sorry :$


today i bought this blue leggings with a zip and the printshirt you can see on the picture :)
i changed the buttons and added some other transparent (cristal?)buttons :) but it's not finish yet, i'll add some more of the transparent ones. how i came to this idea? i was at my grandma's & she showed me LOTS of old buttons , and they were soo nice :D so i decided to stich some of them on a shirt :)) i think it's pretty nice now (:


My new bag :)) soo cute <3
i just had to make a node(?) because the chain's kinda too long :b


Victoria's dad just called me, my bag which i ordered nearly 2weeks ago came yesterdaaay! :D and now he's bringing it me , hehee :D oh, and i gave his address, because i don't know, but on topshop i couldn't give a luxemburgish adress O: and he lives in germany, soo :))
oh i'm so happyhappyhappy.
and the other bag you see on the last post.. my mum's thinking about it, but i think i'll get it ;) :b
oki, i'll take pictures now & put them in my next postsss :)


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

i found this prretty bag on topshop :O it's a cross body bag and it's biig :O i want it :( <3 i don't know, maybe mum will pay it, but it's £55 ;/ but maybe if i wanna have this and will not have a new longchampbag, she will buy it for me..? hum, have to ask, hope it works :s <3 what do you think about that bag? should i buy it or not? (say yes, say yes :b)

forgot this

i loove that picture :D my brother's looking kinda weird, he didn't llike the watermelon :b

Today i slept until 11o' clock , ehehee :b after i had a shower, my brother and i went to echternach having lunch. i took this nice picture when we were waiting for the bus ;)
when we came home again, i decided to tidy my room (again, i know :b). when i did that, i took some stuupid pictures :b
ah and acutually i'm drinking my second dr pepper, don't know if i will sleep tonight xd
tomorrow i'll be at my grandma's house with my brother. i'll take the computer with me, but i wont have internet :/
so for the moment i don't really have something to tell, so maybe more laterr. xx

And don't forget

Monday, 27 July 2009

i'm listening to this wonderful song falling down from atreyu. heh, memories x) when i was at victoria's, we two were jumping around and stuff, soo funny :D :b but my whole family's sleeping, so i turned the volume down (?).
oh and, i loove to write posts and articles, etc. so i do like every month a little magazine, just for fun. and yeah, there you can call me a wannabe ;b but i think they're kinda okay :) when i printed them before, my back began to hurt :s because i have a special technic to print the magazine, because it's in dina-5 :) and sometimes i get about 2€ for my magazine, haha. ofc i just want my family to buy it x) oh and, the name of the magazine's amélie's. it's my second name, but i love it :) i also design clothes, and i called my "label" amélie's too :b i think it's a really nice name for a label x)
okay, think i'll go to bed now, because it's really late, good night everyone.
xx noraa.


aah and the leggings i bought too is wonderful, you can't see trough (?) it anywheree :D
today i went to my grandma's place again, alone, because my brother was in some activities :) so i bought the new cosmopolitan (the german one, the english one's too difficult for me for the moment) and a red bull :) . in the afternoon i went to town and i went looking in zara and h&m, and finally i found a long grey top, a little bit babydoll-like, but skinnier (?). and i bought some new black leggings :) then i had a milkshake and i waited for my mother.
i'll put the foto of the top i bought today tomorrow here, because i don't have it yet on the computer ;)

Brownies and Smoothies.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Hehe, like i said i made smoothies with strawberries and banana, and they were amazing! b:
and in the evening i made brownies too, he i really like to cook x) i think i should do that ofter during holidays ;D victoria and i wanted to try to make one of those big cakes with cream and butterstuff on it, omg :DD we'll see when she's back ;)
good night, have very nice dreams, xx, nora.

mmh, had to put a picture of a smoothie here b:


Okay, i think that will be my last post for today, because i don't feel very well, i think i'm kind of sick :( so i'll take some medicaments now and maybe make me a smoothie :D then i'll watch TV, draw, read a book or sleep a little bit and hope getting better :)
tomorrow i'll be at my grandma's house for nearly the whole day, so no computer, no posts tomorrow ;)
oh and, i found out that you can also order things on topshop to luxembourg, i just don't know how? can anybody help me?
and the cute jacket i'm wearing on the two pictures in front of my blue wall is new :) my mum got it in H&M for 5€, before it was 25€! hehe, i love sale, i think i already said that, did i? :b
Tomorrow maybe i'll go in town too, so when i have the time i'll go in some shops, but i'm not sure if i'll buy something.. let's see.
I forgot to take a picture from my whole room, now that i changed it, but i'll do that some other day!
ah and for the ones who don't know why there's posted by nora.a, the a's for Amélie, my second name :) i prefer to put the a as the l ;)
xx, nora.

When i was cleaning my room, i found this cuute little bag :b i bought in yeaars ago, but i think it's soo cute x)
and i also found this green thing i wear on the second picutre as a skirt. usually it is something for the neck, i don't know, but it's better that way, i think :)

Shake it

Blue Wall.

Me in front of my new blue wall, the picture's ofc edited ;)

I saw, that there are some people following me, thanks :) and i really would love to have more followers! if you follow me, i follow you :)


I took this pictures when i was alone at my grandma's house, because my brother was in his camp. I wear my new green dress and i was drinking Sprite Zero, it's disgusting :b

so yesterday i took soe pictures in front of my bluue wall :D but i discovered, that i have so many older pictures on my camera too! so in the next posts i'll post them and after the pictures from yesterday ;)

ah yes.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

the only trousers which fit me are dr denim jeans or leggings. but because i have the smallest size from dr denim, they usually don't have them. but last time when i went to town with some friends, i went to extrabold and they had so many nice jeans in my size! pff, that's typically, because actually i don't need jeans, but when i need them, they don't have any in my size! arghh .

so i decided to take some pictures today :) infront of my new blue wall :b and i have to organize my whole room, have to make a collage and,and, and..
last saturday i couldn't watch GG, because my dad was watching tour de france :/ i think i'll buy the last episode on itunes & maybe today i can watch GG at victoria's ? let's see.. :)

hellohello, i'm back from belgium! and really, maybe it sounds weird, but i feel like i dreamd about the camp :O i don't know.. i had such an amazing time! i'll miss all my friends so much :( <3 and room7 rocks! ;D <3
so, i'll stay in luxembourg until the 17.08, i think.. so i'll post some stuff here, take pictures of my "new" room & another random stuff :)
oh yes, and i'm so stupid, because i forgot to take my camera with me to the camp, so i couldn't take any pictures :/ but victoria took a lot of pictures & when she'll send me them, i'll put them on facebook and some here too! :)


Saturday, 18 July 2009

such a cuute picture <3

..tuesday i went to triier with mum and i bought some clothes; a white&black striped shirt, a black jacket (ZARA) and a second bikini, blue and stuff :)
i'll take some pictures when i'm back from the camp with victoria!
so i say good night now & have very nice dreams :)
see you on friday or saturdaay ! ;)

dear anonym?

hehe, i got some comments of some anonym people, or maybe is it just one person? :b whatever, you always tell me to answer, so here i'm answering you;
what's your problem? :b hehe, i don't know, but what are you trying to tell me? ;) but, hey, by the way, thank youu for the comments :b

At the moment i'm really addicted of the music from the veronicas! i don't know why, but i'm really loving their music :) specially in another life is the song i'm listening all day loong ! and they're soo pretty and i love their style too :D sorry lisa, if i say the same as you, but i just think the same about them as youu :)
i think i'll change my layout again, because i've got kinda tired of this daark grey.. don't know.. :)
how i already said, i have one wall painted in blue and the others in light grey & i moved my wardrobe, so my bed is in a corner now, and i think i'll have a little bit more space now, but i can't tell you more about that yet, because i don't have my desk and other stuff in my room, so.. :)
and i really really want to try to get my room not so chaotic as before. i think i'll make a collage with publicity & stuff from magazines & put that on a wall.. but not the whole wall, like i did before..let's see ;)
when i put some music on the new phone, i discovered, that there's no memorycard in the phone, but i can't find a place where i could put a memoryscard in, so.. ? whatever, i have an ipod and a camera, so i think i won't need much space for music and photos on my phone :)
finally i think, i'll go to bed in a few minutes. i'm alone at home but my parents will be back in a few minutes, i think and tomorrow i have to get up at 8, so.. :)
xx, nora

the veronicas <3

so, finally my wall isn't purple or pink or golden but blue :b and the other 3walls are painted in a veery light grey :) i took some pictures, but i'll put them later ;)
and by the way; i'm not going to be in lux for 5days, tomorrow i go on a sportcamp with victoria. so i won't post anything :)

I didn't post for some time, but now i will! :b
hehe, i finally got that mobilephone i wanted, it's so good! :D and it was soo cheaap :D by the way, my grandmother's going to pay like the half or more of the price for my report.
and then i saw this cuuute bag on topshop :D and you know whaat? mummy and i are ordering it now :D yuhuu :)

this bag <3

Friday, 10 July 2009

Aftereight icecream, i would die for! b:
& me with my orange nails ;)

new grey tanktop & shorts, with the white jacket from my mum :)

new green dress

tennisshorts ( for the summercamp )

new lovely shirt :D

new white tanktop.

bought in New Yorker, Fishbone.

so i was in Homburg (germany) with my mum and brother & after my brother did his medical tests, we went shopping a little bit in the city & i found some nice basics, everything in sale! :b

so, i didn't post anything for nearly a week, so i'm going to upload some pictures here, write some posts, check my mails.. etc :)
i told you about pictures of me in our new kitchen, here they aree ;

Sunday, 5 July 2009

pff. i want to have looong hair and i want to wear highheels all day long. tzz.

i like..

the bag.

the sunglasses.

the homershirt.

the sunglasses.

haha, i got some good news ! :)
actually i'm in shoppingfever and i would prefer to buy everything i want, but i don't have the money, he. and because i always ask my mum to give me just some money, and she says she "doesn't have money" , humpf, she decided to give me more money for pocketmoney. actually during schooltime i get 25€ for eating & pocketmoney. usually i spend 15€ for eating & the rest is my own money :b i asked her to give me 30€ when the school beginns in september, because i want to go to the cantine sometimes, maybe.. and then she said that she'll give me more money, so i don't have to ask her everytime :b so i think i'll get 40or50€ per week (H). hehe.
and maybe i'll have to ask her if i can have some more money during the holidays too..

how you should know, we're getting a new kitchen ;) i took some pictures when i was in the kitchen, but i didn't upload them on the computer, maybe later :)

i painted my nails some days ago in black, i never did that before, because i thought that i'll maybe look kinda gothic with my white skin & black nails :b but then i was surprised, because it looked quite nice! now i removed the nailpolish, because i had the color for a few days & i'll think i'll paint them now in dark orange, i'm not sure about how it's going to look, but let's see ;)

tomorrow i'll go to homburg with my mum & brother, a place somewhere in germany, because my brother has to do some medical tests & we're going to leave at 7 tomorrow morning, i think :/ after my brother did this tests, we'll go to Saarlouis (it's near homburg), in the IKEA and look for some curtains, because i want to paint one of my walls in my room, in gold, but i'm not sure if it's possible, and even when i found very nice dark brown curtains, we'll look what we'll find others, so..

okay, nothing more for the moment, maybe more later,
xx, nora.

touch me, t-touch me baby, but don't mess up my hair.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Got the message?

I always said, that i love hot weather. and i won't say, that i changed my mind, but it's not hot outside, it's.. HOT outside, too hot :( during the day it's okay, i just really have to go swimming ! but the evening it's horrible! it's so hot, you can't even sleep! hell, this night my little brother came to sleep in my bed because he had nightmares, and so it was hotter and hotter and.. ouuuf. even when the window was open the whole night! hmpf. complicated..

ps; i found about 30pictures from cory kennedy! saved them all.. going to put them from time to time here :b

eehh, usually, i wanted to take pictures now, but because this morning we thought going swimming, my camera is in the swimbag-thing.. so i can't take pictures yet.. maybe later :)

When i was on a flea market(?), i saw a woman with a big box with maaany old keys in it. and then i found this little, cute and rusty key & got it for free! :D and finally my grandmother gave me the golden chain :b <3

Mummy gave me her,.

..old, but veery cute bag, love it! :D


Shoes & my Ray-Ban Sunglasses.

Make-Up (New Stuff: Powder, Black Nailpolish & Volume-Mascara > SCHLECKER :b)


Elsève Shampoo, smells sooo good! Tahiti-Thingie (COCONUT!) & Nivea Soft Creme :)


Yesterday i went to echternach with my brother & we had lunch there because at the moment we're getting a new ktchen & my mum couldn't go eating something with us. so we took the bus & alex read a little bit in my Cosmopolitan ;D so cuute. <3 some pictures from yesterday, in the bus:

i saw that mobilephone in auchan today, from samsung with touchscreeeeeen for 159€ ! i wantttt iiiit!
but i think i won't get it yet. stupid, stupid parentss. ._.