Saturday, 27 June 2009

I am bored. Very very bored! I don't know what to write here. I don't know how to win Money. I hate this stupid little fucked up Village. I made flyers with a friend for Babysitting & walking dogs. we made 15copies & we threw them in letterbox. And we made 3copies with our numbers on them and put them in the village. No one, and i mean no one phoned of all this fucking people ! And there are people in this village with children, and lots of with dogs too! They're all so.. ARGH. I need Money. I'm going to Paris in a month & i'm going to buy a new mobilephone, idon'tknowwhen. So i really want to go shopping in Paris. I need clothes. I need that Make-Up, it's so expensive! 32,50€ for this stupid make-up. even when i get 20%, it's 26€ ! And i don't know what to do in this fucking long holidays. i want to have school again in 2weeks, and not in 9weeks ! Hell noooo. I miss my friends & even when i see them, it's not the same ! I want to go to School again, have lessons with you all. And just have a normal day again. The only positive thing is, that you can sleep more in holidays, but that's all.


  1. ...also mir as an da vakanz zwa ned wiaklech langweileg haha
    du kans io epes mam vic an kath man nää?
    oh, wan ch bis vakanz hun, dan gin ma shoppen kand ;D
    <3 lyy

  2. 32 euro fir make-up

  3. den make-up as MEEGAA gudd ;) an wann dvictoria mat kennt, kreien ej 20% & dann kascht en nemmn na 26€ :b

  4. weieng mark dann? (:


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