Saturday, 6 June 2009

Hmm. actually, i don't read Vogue.. i read InStyle, Jolie & Glamour, but should i try Vogue? It's kinda expensive, but.. :s
Are the articles good? I think the pictures are very good. :b
So, what do you think? Should i read it? The german one, ofc :)

&english Glamour is kinda cool. When i can find it, i think i'm going to read it too.

Usually i thought Cosmopolitan can be good too, but i was kinda disappointed.. :(

Here some great VOGUE Covers :D


  1. Man kann ja nie wissen, waere ja nicht das erste mal das du mich beleidigst ;)

  2. Vogue is nice, not the best though ;)
    You could try Teen Vogue.. Good and cheaper (I think..)

  3. VOGUE is AMAZING ;)
    english glamour too, and you can buy it in auchan's magazine shop,and nearly everywhere else..
    Teen vogue is kinda childish and weird:/ in my opinion:P
    and COSMO is my bible.. although it's getting thinner each month:S (the english one)

  4. the english cosmo is really really great!! but yea it kinda becomes thinner every month xD


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