Thursday, 18 June 2009

Okay. at the moment i'm in the library in town :b but this computer i SO slow.. hum --.

finally i changed my plan; i didn't wear the outfit which i showed(?) you. tuesday victoria & i bought a white tshirt in L :b and a prett belt,s i reeally wanted to wear that outfit with my grey leggings :) i didn't tak pictures, but i'm going to! tuesday morning was so great! we went with our frenchclass in te theatre des capucins & we learned how to act, et :b very funny! :D

today we danced the macarenaaa :D mouahaha, we took it in video & julius & thomas danced it too :b

tomorrow will be the lastschooday.. i'm veryhappy, but kinda sad too for the people who are going to fail.. :/

whatever, more later.
xx nora

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