Friday, 5 June 2009

Okay. didn't work on my blog for a loong time.. haven't got the time; 3tests this week ouf. but i really want to put something new here, just don't really know what. usually i wanted to take a lot of pictures and going to edit & put them on my blog. but some days ago i had a pimple(?), i grate it up and.. my skin isn't that good, so i got an infection(?) you know, when you have those veery bad looking places in your face and crusts and stuff.. eww :/ and then it became bigger and.. you know what i mean :) so i went to the doctor on wednesday(wasn't in school that day) and got some cremes and stuff. it's nearly good now, i think in a few days my skin's going to be just like before, without scares! :D yee. so i didn't take pictures at all. but when my skin's alright, i'm going to make a lot of pictures, yeppih. :D
Yes. that's all about me for the moment..
kiss kiss, Nora.

picture i took when my skin wasn't that bad :)


  1. haha, it's good that it went away in the end:) i never really have any problems with spots:O except now, on my forehead.. they're all small but visible xD

  2. der ohring is riesig, aber des bild eigentlich voll hübsch XD



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