Monday, 15 June 2009

hell, just 4 days school left! i really feel like i started this schoolyear some days ago.. and now it's nearly finished. i don't know why, but i don't even have holidays and i just can't wait until next schoolyear. i'm going to miss you all so much! :( but i'm going to a poolparty, i think. i'm going to have an a-ma-zing summer here in bech with victoria & kathlyn. and i'm going to have two wonderful weeks in france! :D ; 3days disneyland paris :b , 4days paris (yeyy) & about 8 or 9days normandie :). but at the same time i feel kinda.. weird ? next year i'll come in 4. secondary, omygod! compos.. :s usually i'm not afraid of them.. but i heard people talking about how much they have to study, and honestly, i'm veery lazy :/ but going to see, in 10weeks! :D haha.
finally when i cleaned my wardrobe i found some pretty pieces like that skirt i have since 2or3 years but i never wore it.. and then this cute shirt which i wore last year for my brother's communion.. because the shirt is kinda short it tried it with the skirt, pushing the skirt like more "up" ? :b i don't know, if i'll add some pearlbracelets- & earrings.. should i wear it wednesday for school? what do you think about it? :)
hope you're going to have a good last schoolweek (good luck for those who have compos :) ) & i really wanna hear your opinion about this outfit ;).
xx, nora.

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  1. my opinion about your outfit? wear it, girl! :)
    pff i shouldn't be online now, got a bio compo tomorrow xD
    PS. 4th year+compos aren't that hard IF you follow one rule. Learn really really good from the very start of year:) cause the teachers take each topic slowly, and if you listen it's really easy. i didn't listen.. so now everything i'm revising is like brand new x)


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