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Sunday, 24 May 2009

name: Nora
nationality: luxemburgish, proud.
birthdate: 20th february
birhtplace: Luxembourg
location: Lux
languages: Luxembourgish, German, French & learning English-

hair color: Caramlebrown :D
eye color: BlueGrey
height: 158-160? whatever,
have braces: Nehh :D
wear glasses: Yes, but 'wear contacts :D
wear contacts: Yup
piercings: My ears (:
tattoos: No, maybe later ?

color: black, gold, grey, silver, purple, yellow.. :D
tv show: Gossip Girl :k
food: Caandy.
drink: Coffee, Red Bull & Smoothiies b:
season: Summerr !
resturant: Many :b
class: Art, English.
holiday: Easter.. Summerholz ?
magazine: Glamour, InStyle, Jolie, Young..
flower: Sunflowers & White Roses
memory: So many good ones <3

person you hugged: Victoria ?
person you kissed: Hum.. Victoria or my little brother, dunno xd
thing you ate: brioche :b
last person you texted: Mamaa
person you called: Mamaa
who called you: Mamaa, Mara :b
person you saw: My father
you had a long convo with: Hell, I don't know..

prettiest: They're all ;D
dumbest: Olga :DD
smartest: Victoria ? Sarah.
best house: Hum.. Victoria :))
best car: wtf.
loudest: Victoria & Vanessa !
funniest: They're all funny <3>
most shy: Sarah?
weirdest: Helena :D
most pervert: Haha :b
athletic: Don't knoww
most likely to pass out drunk: No idea
become a cop: hum.
become famous: Lena, awesome voice Ö !
kill someone: Hehee :D Mariaa
try to take over the world: Euhm..

This or That
summer or winter: Summerr ! :DD
dog or cat: Cat
pepsi or coke: Cokee.!
cellphone or ipod: Both :b
black or white: Black
chocolate or vanilla: CHOCO.
flowers or candy: Caandy (aa)
rock or rap: rock
tv or movie: Both (H)
brunette or blonde: Both :))
kisses or hugs: both :K
McDonalds or BurgerKing: McDonald's !
strawberry or watermelon: BOTH :DD
hot tea or Ice tea: Hot ;)
hot chocolate or coffee: Coffeeee.
scary movies or funny movies: Haha, both x)

In The Past Month
smoked: Nah.
Drank alcohole: Don't know
Failed a test: Nope :D
been home alone: Yay.
been to the mall: Nope ;/
been to a show/concert: No..
yelled at someone: (a)
got into a fight/argument: Ye
cried to a friend: No

bedtime: 21.30-22.00 (i know, it sounds idiot, but i need that! or i'll be veery tired the whole day!)
most missed memory: Huum
first thought waking up: Music !
goal for this year: Make a big Gardenpartyyy

In A Guy
eye color: green or blue <3
hair color: blond or black (H)
height: little bit taller than me (not so difficult at all..)
looks or personality: both.
hot or cute: ehh:D Both :K

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  1. ahaha,, thaanks:) the shoes i bought them somewhere in gare though..


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