Wednesday, 13 May 2009

..So many things happen/happend in the last time..! Some people got hurt, others found new friends or re-found their old friends <3 And others are searching fight with me xd Whatever, the world is turning, life is continuing.. :) - I think I'll get a baad mark in biologie ><' and I hope so for a good mark in english, 'going to see on friday รถ So much to do, so much's changing, waow! whatever, living life & hope I can just enjoy it :) Very happy at the moment <3 -Some pictures I took some days ago.. ^^
Watching Gossip Girl & 90210
drinking Dr Pepper
&eating popcorn! :DD


  1. or re-found their old friends <3 :D

  2. genau <3<3<3<3 hundjgae meng nuddel!


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