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Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Gossip Girl Hype
first, I'm a Gossip Girl-Fan. But no, not because everyone watches Gossip Girl, I do too, but because I love the Books it.girl from the same autor as from Gossip Girl :) And you know what? In these books, Jenny Humphrey is one of the principal persons!
Ofc most of us (me inclued) dreams of a life like in Gossip Girl, but my question is; is this life real? Does life like that exist? Maybe, but then just for the very rich kids, and then..are they happy? I don't know..
So, I think to say to someone who watches Gossip Girl, that she/he watches it just because everyone does, is crap.
And finally I got kinda tired of that "omygood-you'recopyingme-hype" ! Open your eyes, if you, for example buy shoes or stuff at H&M it's nothing strange that you can see other guys in school with the same shoes/stuff !
kiss, Nora.


  1. kksch^^
    haha voll cool :p du liebst coffee...ich kenn noch jemandenX)ok ich weiß jetz nicht wirklich was ich noch schreiben soll aber ich freu mich auf jeden fall auf das was noch kommt auf deinen blog <3hdml!dk

  2. jaa danke schön schatzii<3
    hdl :K

  3. you can't even speak english, so stop posting articles in english!

  4. i know that my english isn't that good but i don't care (:
    &you can't even put your name on this comment


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