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Monday, 25 May 2009

Does it smell good?

I need a new parfume.. what do you like the most ?

I'm wondering about why we always chase the prominent people. I mean, you can read in all magazines that one of them is aggressiv because he shouted "fuck you" and stuff behind paparazzi, because they take pictures of them with her kid, or like that. They want to break the cameras. They want them to go away. But, honestly. Are they so wrong? I can't imagine a life without any privacy. Just think about that; You go out of your house with a case with about 6empty beerbottles, a paparazzi takes a photo, and the next day the whole world thinks you're an alcoholic. Really, just because you see someone with some empty alcoholbottles, they don't have to be alcoholic! Or they tell the paparazzi to go away because they don't want them to take pictures from their kids, but they don't go away & finally they shout to them. Is that so anormal?
Really, often i'm just so happy, not to be one of them. I think that paparazzi are just people without life. Ofc, they have to take pictures & it's cool to find pictures from stars in internet etc, but there they should just not be so.. mean ? That's unfair.
But, just my mind. I don't know how you think about that, but.. yeah. (:

kiss, kiss Noraa.

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