Monday, 25 May 2009

It makes me wanna go on holidays. (*)

Hahaa. Kinda bored. :b
Really, i loove sun and when it's hot outside, i really do. But today? Omg, i going to die if i go outside :O hothothottt sommer? :b My father already attached the hammok in our garden. But it's still too hot! :( my father just lays there.. uaah.
My Plan for this week;

Monday: Hihi, staying at home.. going to see Kath & maybe Vic ?
Tuesday: No idea. Honestly. :s
Wednesday: Yeyy, going to Lena's Placee ! :D
At midnight: Jumping in the wonderful cold Pool (H)
Thursday: Lena's Placee.
Friday: No idea :b Maybe IKEA with Vic ?
Saturday: Alex' Birthdaaay.
Sunday: Sarah's coming to my house ? maybee. & Kath.
Monday: (Great, free! :D) Sarah's still here.. working for school.

- i have to study.
- i have to buy presents for Alex.
- Not enough time!

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