ice cream mountains and chocolate skies

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Yeeh :)
had a great day with vanessa and victoria (aa).
finally i bought those denim-leggings from pieces (thx kristy:D) & bought a new pursue with victoria and very sweet earrings :D i'm going to have my camera back in some days! :D yippeh, cause the pictures with my mobilephonecamera are kinda..crap :b whatever.
but i saw that preetty bag on , thought they maybe have it in lux too, but couldn't find it at all :/
pictures uploaded.

drinking red bull and dr pepper, going to have fun,fun,fun xd
kiss, Nora


  1. haha, sounds fun, hope you didn't get the leggings in the same color though cause there were many:D

  2. i bought those light blue & the one which look like a light washed denimjeans


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