Saturday, 23 May 2009

I'm making Bubbles with my Bubblegum :DD

HOLIDAYS, wohouu :D i'm just so happy! i really need holidays, actually xd.
in the last weeks i had so much to study, horrible, and more tests are coming after holidays! :/
At all, i thought i'm goin to have something like 5in my biologietest, but i got a 6! yee :D and i'm really proud of my 10in english> 2minutes talking infront of the class :/ :D &finally a 8in french.. :b hope for a good mark in my next math tests & think i'm going to have a good or very good mark in humain sciences. but i'm still veery afraid of the next latintest. i just hate that language, it doesn't even have any sence! eww.

Hope i'm going to see lots of friends in holidays, 'was at victoria's, maybe going to see lena, sarah & ofc kathlyn.. who else? gonna see (:

oh, and i reeeaally wanna make a garden/summer party with kathlyn and victoria, invite many people, & finally sleep in the garden when it's hot outside, wonderful! :D just have to get my parents out of house for a night..? hmm.. quite difficult :b whatever, i really wanna do this! :D

more things are sure coming up later, going to write them down if i want to ;)
kiss kiss, Nora


  1. haha, yeah, i'm nearly blind, girl ;)
    i have black/leopard D&G ones.

  2. i wish i could go on holidays!!!!!!!!! nice photo!



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