yeyy :D

Sunday, 31 May 2009

i got my camera back ! yey, now i can make pictures. :D going to upload them, if i want to (: phone is kinda.. broken ? hope to have a new one soon.. :b whatever, more later; now watching American Dad ;)

(Last Post for today?)

Monday, 25 May 2009

Does it smell good?

I need a new parfume.. what do you like the most ?

I'm wondering about why we always chase the prominent people. I mean, you can read in all magazines that one of them is aggressiv because he shouted "fuck you" and stuff behind paparazzi, because they take pictures of them with her kid, or like that. They want to break the cameras. They want them to go away. But, honestly. Are they so wrong? I can't imagine a life without any privacy. Just think about that; You go out of your house with a case with about 6empty beerbottles, a paparazzi takes a photo, and the next day the whole world thinks you're an alcoholic. Really, just because you see someone with some empty alcoholbottles, they don't have to be alcoholic! Or they tell the paparazzi to go away because they don't want them to take pictures from their kids, but they don't go away & finally they shout to them. Is that so anormal?
Really, often i'm just so happy, not to be one of them. I think that paparazzi are just people without life. Ofc, they have to take pictures & it's cool to find pictures from stars in internet etc, but there they should just not be so.. mean ? That's unfair.
But, just my mind. I don't know how you think about that, but.. yeah. (:

kiss, kiss Noraa.


It makes me wanna go on holidays. (*)

Hahaa. Kinda bored. :b
Really, i loove sun and when it's hot outside, i really do. But today? Omg, i going to die if i go outside :O hothothottt sommer? :b My father already attached the hammok in our garden. But it's still too hot! :( my father just lays there.. uaah.
My Plan for this week;

Monday: Hihi, staying at home.. going to see Kath & maybe Vic ?
Tuesday: No idea. Honestly. :s
Wednesday: Yeyy, going to Lena's Placee ! :D
At midnight: Jumping in the wonderful cold Pool (H)
Thursday: Lena's Placee.
Friday: No idea :b Maybe IKEA with Vic ?
Saturday: Alex' Birthdaaay.
Sunday: Sarah's coming to my house ? maybee. & Kath.
Monday: (Great, free! :D) Sarah's still here.. working for school.

- i have to study.
- i have to buy presents for Alex.
- Not enough time!

Day 'n' Night, Baby.

Fuuck. I totally forgot my brother's Bday in 5Days! Ö
Okay, what should i give him for present? some ideas, some things he likes ;

Cherry Coke & Pringles Chips

Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape & Nutella & Go

Hell, I'm getting hungry! b:

You know you love me :D

Sunday, 24 May 2009

name: Nora
nationality: luxemburgish, proud.
birthdate: 20th february
birhtplace: Luxembourg
location: Lux
languages: Luxembourgish, German, French & learning English-

hair color: Caramlebrown :D
eye color: BlueGrey
height: 158-160? whatever,
have braces: Nehh :D
wear glasses: Yes, but 'wear contacts :D
wear contacts: Yup
piercings: My ears (:
tattoos: No, maybe later ?

color: black, gold, grey, silver, purple, yellow.. :D
tv show: Gossip Girl :k
food: Caandy.
drink: Coffee, Red Bull & Smoothiies b:
season: Summerr !
resturant: Many :b
class: Art, English.
holiday: Easter.. Summerholz ?
magazine: Glamour, InStyle, Jolie, Young..
flower: Sunflowers & White Roses
memory: So many good ones <3

person you hugged: Victoria ?
person you kissed: Hum.. Victoria or my little brother, dunno xd
thing you ate: brioche :b
last person you texted: Mamaa
person you called: Mamaa
who called you: Mamaa, Mara :b
person you saw: My father
you had a long convo with: Hell, I don't know..

prettiest: They're all ;D
dumbest: Olga :DD
smartest: Victoria ? Sarah.
best house: Hum.. Victoria :))
best car: wtf.
loudest: Victoria & Vanessa !
funniest: They're all funny <3>
most shy: Sarah?
weirdest: Helena :D
most pervert: Haha :b
athletic: Don't knoww
most likely to pass out drunk: No idea
become a cop: hum.
become famous: Lena, awesome voice Ö !
kill someone: Hehee :D Mariaa
try to take over the world: Euhm..

This or That
summer or winter: Summerr ! :DD
dog or cat: Cat
pepsi or coke: Cokee.!
cellphone or ipod: Both :b
black or white: Black
chocolate or vanilla: CHOCO.
flowers or candy: Caandy (aa)
rock or rap: rock
tv or movie: Both (H)
brunette or blonde: Both :))
kisses or hugs: both :K
McDonalds or BurgerKing: McDonald's !
strawberry or watermelon: BOTH :DD
hot tea or Ice tea: Hot ;)
hot chocolate or coffee: Coffeeee.
scary movies or funny movies: Haha, both x)

In The Past Month
smoked: Nah.
Drank alcohole: Don't know
Failed a test: Nope :D
been home alone: Yay.
been to the mall: Nope ;/
been to a show/concert: No..
yelled at someone: (a)
got into a fight/argument: Ye
cried to a friend: No

bedtime: 21.30-22.00 (i know, it sounds idiot, but i need that! or i'll be veery tired the whole day!)
most missed memory: Huum
first thought waking up: Music !
goal for this year: Make a big Gardenpartyyy

In A Guy
eye color: green or blue <3
hair color: blond or black (H)
height: little bit taller than me (not so difficult at all..)
looks or personality: both.
hot or cute: ehh:D Both :K

Let's get fucking wild!


Saturday, 23 May 2009

I'm making Bubbles with my Bubblegum :DD

HOLIDAYS, wohouu :D i'm just so happy! i really need holidays, actually xd.
in the last weeks i had so much to study, horrible, and more tests are coming after holidays! :/
At all, i thought i'm goin to have something like 5in my biologietest, but i got a 6! yee :D and i'm really proud of my 10in english> 2minutes talking infront of the class :/ :D &finally a 8in french.. :b hope for a good mark in my next math tests & think i'm going to have a good or very good mark in humain sciences. but i'm still veery afraid of the next latintest. i just hate that language, it doesn't even have any sence! eww.

Hope i'm going to see lots of friends in holidays, 'was at victoria's, maybe going to see lena, sarah & ofc kathlyn.. who else? gonna see (:

oh, and i reeeaally wanna make a garden/summer party with kathlyn and victoria, invite many people, & finally sleep in the garden when it's hot outside, wonderful! :D just have to get my parents out of house for a night..? hmm.. quite difficult :b whatever, i really wanna do this! :D

more things are sure coming up later, going to write them down if i want to ;)
kiss kiss, Nora


amazing shoes :D

The bag is amazing & i'm searching for a yellow scarf..

The bag is so nice :b i like that dress.


I search those clothes / accessoires.
If you know where I can buy them, or nearly the same things, please tell me :)

-this lovely bag..

-a Barack Obama Shirt

-a yellow scarf..

-a shirt like this one..



Pictures coming up, still waiting for my camera.

ice cream mountains and chocolate skies

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Yeeh :)
had a great day with vanessa and victoria (aa).
finally i bought those denim-leggings from pieces (thx kristy:D) & bought a new pursue with victoria and very sweet earrings :D i'm going to have my camera back in some days! :D yippeh, cause the pictures with my mobilephonecamera are kinda..crap :b whatever.
but i saw that preetty bag on , thought they maybe have it in lux too, but couldn't find it at all :/
pictures uploaded.

drinking red bull and dr pepper, going to have fun,fun,fun xd
kiss, Nora


Sunday, 17 May 2009

anything else?

My Brother's

Saturday, 16 May 2009

..clothes! waoew, that's just amazing, I looked in the wardrobe from my brother, and I found so many cool things, which I could wear too! Took some pictures...

..his Blazer/Jacket

..his trousers

..his shirt

..&his Boxers :D

; Should I wear some of them for school?;
ps; I already wore the Blazer/Jacket & the Shirt :b


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

..So many things happen/happend in the last time..! Some people got hurt, others found new friends or re-found their old friends <3 And others are searching fight with me xd Whatever, the world is turning, life is continuing.. :) - I think I'll get a baad mark in biologie ><' and I hope so for a good mark in english, 'going to see on friday ö So much to do, so much's changing, waow! whatever, living life & hope I can just enjoy it :) Very happy at the moment <3 -Some pictures I took some days ago.. ^^
Watching Gossip Girl & 90210
drinking Dr Pepper
&eating popcorn! :DD

When the sun shines

Saturday, 9 May 2009

In Break (especially thursday, 2hours free) we love to sit outside in the sun!
Wanted to put that picture here :)

on the picture; Kate, Sarah, Louise, Isabel & Me :) <3

What I think about..

The Gossip Girl Hype
first, I'm a Gossip Girl-Fan. But no, not because everyone watches Gossip Girl, I do too, but because I love the Books it.girl from the same autor as from Gossip Girl :) And you know what? In these books, Jenny Humphrey is one of the principal persons!
Ofc most of us (me inclued) dreams of a life like in Gossip Girl, but my question is; is this life real? Does life like that exist? Maybe, but then just for the very rich kids, and then..are they happy? I don't know..
So, I think to say to someone who watches Gossip Girl, that she/he watches it just because everyone does, is crap.
And finally I got kinda tired of that "omygood-you'recopyingme-hype" ! Open your eyes, if you, for example buy shoes or stuff at H&M it's nothing strange that you can see other guys in school with the same shoes/stuff !
kiss, Nora.

Gimme, Gimme Candy.
Gimme, Gimme Candyfloss.