Monday, 28 December 2009

This is getting ridiculous.
i'm commenting blogs, reading blogs and i feel like i'm writing my life for myself.
seriously, some people are just arrogant.

my tumblr here , do whatever you want.

Today's Outfit.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Shirt; ZARA
Jeans; Cheap Monday
Jacket; ZARA
Ring; Flewmarket - Paris (You can't see it..?)
Bracelet; Present

These last days i went to many blogs, commented and asked questions, found so many amazing blogs! But i'm kinda disappointed, because i never got answers on my questions or even other comments.. still just have 7followers. well, thank you for following me, but i never get any comments or signs that you're still alive? :(
Hoping for a lot of comments/answers & maybe some more followers?

ps. actually i don't know how i can put a "counter" on my blog, can somebody help me?
+ wondering if many people read my blog (but they're not followers) ? hmm.


Friday, 25 December 2009


Some pictures i took, from the belgium ELLE

2010, here we comee.


yeeh, i finally got my presentss (: !
got a lot of jewellery from my uncle, he :b (see the pictures)
+ a hat :DD (see the pictures)
aaand i'll have some money tooo (:

this lovely bracelet + the earrings, from dad ((:

this preetty pendant (?) from my uncle

this cute little, golden mirror from my dad, from Latvia!

and finally another pretty bracelet with a heart, fishes + a cross & an anchor(?)
sorry for the bad pictures..

and this hat from my mum, i loove it! :D

the turkey was tasty! had a really good day + sure gonna take some nice pictures tomorrow.
what did you get for christmass?

Time's running so fast

Thursday, 24 December 2009

I really hope for more inspiration for 2010, for more readers, for more money & more good good pictures (:
thought i'll put some pictures from me here.
Because before i started blogging, i still had to wear my glasses, and my style was kinda different too.. ;O

with my fringe

with K&V

about a year old picture, with some people of my class (:

with V.

Oh girl, you're such a backstabber.

Haha :D as you already know, i'm using my dad's laptop since some weeks because our's broken. and because i was freaking out listening to the same music again and again, and listening music on youtube was getting stupid too, i downloaded some songs from youtube, my actual playlist (i'm listening to it aall the time)
Tik Tok
- Ke$ha
I like - Keri Hilson (Keri - weird way to write the name, don't you think so?)
Under the sheets - Ellie Goulding
Bruises - Chairlift
Backstabber - Ke$ha
Russian Roulette - Rihanna
Bad Romance - Lady GaGa
New York - Paloma Faith
You're gorgeous - Baby Bird

Can you tell me any good new songs?


Yeah, i only read this magazine once, but i fell in love with it immediatly!
i'd love to sunscrive it, but i'm living in Lux, so i think it would get kinda expensive.. but maybe a friend and i are gonna share the prize & subscrive it :)

+ i bought the french Glamour because i already have the german one and i couldn't find the english one :b & my mum bought the belgium Elle, gotta say; Elle isn't that bad as i thought! just think kind of expensive.. ? so i don't buy it, my mum sometimes does :))
ah, and i'm disappointed of Jolie. It's getting thinner and thinner.. ;( and neither reading InStyle anymore, always the same..
And finally didn't buy a VOGUE, i think it's way too expensive for what it is.. well, for the moment i don't see why i should buy it, so.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Outfit i'll wear tomorrow.
Althought i took pictures yesterday, i forgot to upload them, so here they are:)

yes, today's the 24.december, christmas eve. are you getting your presents tonight? because i won't, we celebrate the 25., with family and big dinner and lots of presents :) i'm so looking forward to tomorrow, because we'll have a turkey ! mmh :))

today i baked 4hours with my little brother, 3 different kinds of cookies + brownies! and after that, the whole house smelled like cookies :D
so this evening i finished packing some little presents, helped my mum to decorate everything for tomorrow, had a nice dinner with my family and now i'm sitting here, writing this (:

hope you'll all enjoy your christmas eve & tomorrow too,

I'm afraid, Bitchh.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

my friend jil & i made a blog together, for fashion & lifestyle & for fun.
for the moment there isn't much interesting there, but it'c under construction! :)

+ yes, with two i' s, because diamondreflections wasn't free anymore
+ no, i didn't copy from anyone. some time ago, i had a skyrockblog with that name, :)

Holidays, quite late, i know.

So here i am again, i know, i didn't post for so long, but i didn't have any inspiration or ideas what to write,etc. and there won't be a picture on this post, sorry, i was way too lazy to take photos..
but soon our laptop will get fixed, so i can finally post more stuff, because it's easier on my own laptop then on this one + i really hope, that our cam works again too, that would be amazing, so i could take pictures and won't have to load them on the laptop, etc.
oh, plus; i can (finally!) again download new music. i'm like freaking out, listening all the time to the same stuff, grr.

yesterday i went to town with a friend & a friend of my friend's friend, hah, go it? in other words; she didn't really know her, me neither. but it was really fun ;) although i didn't buy any clothes, i had a good time with the girls. <3
but, ohoho ;D the 2. january sale will start & the 3. i'm going to have a big shoppingtour with some friends, awesome :))

i feel kinda lost, because i still don't have anything for my little brother and tomorrow's christmas! ahhh. but i'm gonna buy bake-stuff with dad today, so maybe i can find something..? hope so.


My loves.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

i love
..anything with glitter
..golden bracelets
..this golden necklace
..cardigans! in grey, blue, black.. warm cardigans are my big love this autumn <3

everything from h&m
maybe gonna buy somethings?..

picture's coming laterr.

'going to be alone with my parents from next wednesday to the thursday after :) haha, will be quite relax, i guess. but after next week's the compoweek, so not happy about that, believe me. gotta still study quite a lot + this week i'll have history + geotest. history isn't a problem for me, i love my teacher and it's interesting what happend so long ago, so i never have to study a lot at home, but geography? no way. i mean, our teacher talks and talks and talks and then after 15minutes we see, that she's waiting for us to shut up, then she explains something and 5minutes after, everyone's talking again. so, no concentration, no idea how and what do study + we have like half of our stuff not done, so..
oh and so looking forward for christmasholidays, really need them ! but there's one thing i'm really not happy about for the holidays; in german we have to read a book & then make bookpresentation of it. doesn't sound horrible, right? but she doesn't just want a normal bookpresentation, like two pages, she wants a whole presentation, like in front of the class, with all those stupid details. seriously, we all hate that teacher, grr.
oh, long post, isn't it?

+ can you tell me some good songs? since my brother broke our laptop & i'm using my dad's, i can't download any new music, so i'm like freaking out & always listening to the same stuff.

Sonia Rykiel for H&M

I saw a little cut-out of the fashionshow from Sonia Rykiel for H&M and i found it awesome! THe whole show looked like you're in a disneyland, full of pretty dessous & the models danced around and and and :)

Ding Dong, the Kleeschen's coming ;)

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Yesyes, we're the 5th december today and on the 6th, the kleeschen comes and brings caandy :D oh can't wait ! <3 + getting 100€ tomorrow & even more for christmas :))

although we just finished eating, i'm getting hungry, this cake looks freaking good b:



get outta my head, you're talking way too much.

Free friday, oh yes :D yesterday we didn't have school, so one more weekend-day, so good.
yesterday i was alone at home for the whole morning, so i got up at half past 9, haha, then i had breakfast in front of the TV, took a shower and started studying :) and i'm quite proud of myself, because i can say that is studied quite a lot for history and a little bit for geography, which is much for me in one day :b i'm really not used to study, i never really did, i never really needed to.. today i studied biology and tomorrow i'll do some physics too, i think. sounds horrible.
anyway, had a good weekend until now :)

+ i got my picture larger, haha :D thanks for the help :))

Sunday, 29 November 2009

I don't know why, but i can't make the pictures bigger, so annoying :(

got that song stucked in my headdd.

don't know what to write, i only know that i need money . haha, that's not really new, but it seems like so long ago i shopped a little bit.. but i'm getting money for christmas, so ;)

i really love checking out blogs from other people, just don't know where to find nice ones.. can you tell me some good blogs? or maybe your blog? i'd love to check it out :))


He left me for another lady.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Helloo theree :D here i am again :) ! well our laptop didn't get fixed, but actually i'm using my father's work-laptop, so i can post agaain :D so so happy.
so much happened the last weeks!
first; here are three pictures of some random outfits i wore. i took the picture a long long time ago, but i didn't want to delete them :) i'm absolutely in love with this old jeansjacket ! i found it in my wardrobe, it's quite old, i wore it yeaars ago, when it was IN to wear that :b and now i can't just get over it, i wear it with everything :))

haha, my brother in front of the picture ;) wearing his shirt there :b it was some days before halloween, that explains the squash (?) :)

and there i wear my brother's shirt (well, i love to wear his clothes, he :b)

- and i went to tunisia last holidays. it was kinda good weather but it was reallyreally boring, and i didn't have anything to do ;O

- i also had quite much to study the last weeks, and in about 2weeks compos gonna start, so i think i'll start studying this weekend, ouh ;s

nothing more for the moment :)

Monday, 19 October 2009

hey there :)
i have bad news; my little brother broke our laptop.. again :O but kathlyn borrows me her minilaptop and i'm really happy with that ! but it's really really small and actually i'm on victoria's laptop, so i won't put any pictures here, because it's too difficult to load them on the computer, etc. actually i took some nice pictures of my last outfits but.. i won't show them :( i also don't think that i'll post a lot next time, because the minilaptop is kinda low and the screen is miniscul or however you say it..

if i had a little moneey.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

oh dear, i need money so so baad ;O
especially for internetshopping ! i saw soo many nice things and i can't buy them, uuuh :(
i asked grandma and uncle and i'll ask my parents too for moneey ;D but for christmas, haha.
then i'll buy my own laptop, woohoo :)) and i hope i'll still have enough money for clothes (a)
and i'm so for working next summer ! ohh can't wait :)
actually, in 3weeks i'll be in tunisia, hot hot :D and it's gettig colder and colder in lux, :(
i don't have any pictures yet.. didn't take some today ;/ sorrysorry.

don't trust the hoe, never trust the hoe.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

ahh that hairspray smells sooo good :DD
i like this one above because of my eyes :D

so so long ago i've posted :)
yesterday i took some pictures, nothing special, but some of them look kinda nice, i think.

Last friday i went to the Coyote Café with Laura and Anna, for Anna's Birthday & it was so much fun:D and so funny too; it's Auchan's birthday & so we took a picture with anna in front of the "happy birthday", haha :b
then we went to h&m and zara and tried many nice clothes on, he :b and then i saw this shoes in zara... whaaa, so nice ! although i wouldn't wear them, so..
and, i finally bought this tights i WANTED! :D but not everyone likes them, hehe.

xx, nora.

I'm so sorry

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

..for not posting so long! i just had so much to do and didn't have the time to post anything. and i was way too lazy to take pictures (oh, what a surprise!) :b
some days ago i was at victoria's with kathlyn & we dressed like extremly funky and pink! and we had some pinkhairspray too, ha :D we took looots of pictures ! here are some, you can see more on facebook :)
ah i'm getting so much better in this days :D! i don't feel sick anymore, so good :)
& thank you to all people who buy our magazine!! we have about 30people buying it, whao :D

Hey people

Friday, 25 September 2009

heyhey :))
i don't have pictures to put here now, sorry.
what i wanted to say, is that we want so much more followers and comments on lena's & my blog !
you don't speak german? we'd love to have more people who come voting. so the votings are;

-what do you think is the ugliest on you?
~your feet, your body, your nose or your hair?

-how many hours do you watch TV during a week?
~3h, 5h, 7h, more than 7h.

-how many pocketmoney do you get every month?
~10€, 20€, 30€, more than 30€.

-what do you prefer;
~winter, spring, summer or autumn?

the second voting;
who do you prefer; Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox?
please also write why. :)

and then the diskussionsrunde;
what do you think about Lady GaGa?

thank youu :) <3


Sunday, 20 September 2009

we've post some stuff on the blog ! please go and comment :D but it's everything in german :s hope there are some people who understand ;O
xx have a nice sunday.


Friday, 18 September 2009


> so finally lena and i created (?) our blog on blogspot :)) it's usually we wanted to call it and (amélie's nenni dessin), but it wasn't free, so.. :) there are no posts for the moment, the first posts will come on thursday ;)

The number 102.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

ahh, so much new ! :) first, i took a picture, oh yes it's so long ago when i took pictures :b last time i was waay to lazy :$
some days ago i went to extrabold with my mum, looking for dr denim jeans (the only jeans which fit me (a) ). i tried the smallest size, usually they fit me, but i was shocked, because they were too large ! O: so i tried the smallest size from some new cheap money jeans and they were perfect ! so i got 2pairs of cheap monday, a blue on >picture. and another balck one :))
like i already told you, i had a little photoshoot with sarah, at lena's , but i still don't have the pictures, sorry :/ but as soon as i have them , i'll put some here! :D

also something new; i told you about the little mgazine i make, just for fun, called amélie's. soon i'll make one again, but with lena together! we'll also make a website on blogspot :) there you will find news about the next magazine, questions, suggestions for some articles & you can comment as much as you want ! but everything's in german.
and the last thing is; i saw this cute west (right mannequin) in h&m, and i tried it, but the smallest size they had was 38 :( hope they'll get it smaller, or maybe they have it in town? i think it's really cute and not to expensive :) so what do you think ?